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not again
(you know what I mean)

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Baby2 responds:

I don't

oh yeah

nice one

good first

like everyone said you need a plot, but for a first sprite animation that was pretty
good, better than mine.
keep it up and your animations will keep improving.

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looks like i am the best at this game, not Taylor
(go look at the high scores)
anyway good job, like you said it was under rated

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well it was one of your better ones

i guess it was beacause you were not talking

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karlkoolkid1999b responds:

wow yur loser, nothing better to do then review all my stuff?

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i copied my friend person

i think my love 4 dis song is summed up (lol at my saying math stuf no uber epicl olz lololololololololololololololllollolo lololoolol
"Suit to man with cat on his head: Why is there a cat on your head?
Man with cat on his head: Why isn't there a cat on your head, douchebag?"
now u might be like how the fucking fuckity motherfuck does dat sheeit relate motherfucker?
id just say dont fuckin swear
lol thats the kinda douchebag i am.. or shud i say DOCU?? nah, i guess i shouldnt
ne wayz back to my point..... if u dont get how the quote relates ur probly dum... really dum actyally, but ill tell anyways for the dum douche 12 yeer olds out der who lke suckin their own dick
so this guy was wearing a cat on his head (wtflol) and other gy was not and hes all like wtf why cuz hes a stuck up pperespectiveless douch but other guy can see it all and knows all.... he knos the truth man... he doesnt question y but y not....
so some1 might be like wtf fag y wud u make such a weird opr even gay song (but thats homofobic wihch is mean i dunno i mean everyone says gay tho but i do and not but im not gay but im comfortabl do u know? dont get wrong impression plzzzz
the point is you say why not make a song about sex evasion tauntability
and there is no reason why not to so then u just went the ahead, lubed up your big ole dick and did it. cuz theres no reason not to my smart sonny boy
so you made it. and it kicked my ass so far i went throo my computer screen, broke it and still wrote this review while flying out my wall across america japan and then russia and i flew across the world 2395 times and then finally fell into the sun and didnt die becuse of this awesome song................ ...............................
but now i have an ass welt the size of a ostrich egg............
thanks a lot
anyways, i really like ur song (btw i saw ur flash and it sucked dissapoionting stick to da beats man ur flash is wack)
so more about why i lik eur song.... the nanananananan thing sounded really funny and it was grate ventriloquism no doubt... then ur saying dont taunt me etc was just amazing... i mean that shtis fo real, genuine and omfg cuz it really sounded like u were pissed i mean what kind of a bitch would taunt this poor loser i mean its not his fault it wont go in anyways lol i like it
i had a question tho - why wont it go in, i mean is he a noob or maybe has a fat chode or is she just an evasive bitch with maybe too small vagina y'know? so id like to know yknow what im saying?
but theres one thing i dunt get. i was lookingat yur other songs but wait! you dont have any others and id like to know why the fuck song i mean one fucking song fuck fuck fuck fuck
sorry but it makes me mad i mean wtf one blessing or what i mean y got this guift (i mustve listened to this hardcore shit over1105 times looping yknow its real hardcore amazing wonderful sheeeeit) yet you make n more and why why WHY?!?!? i mena its ten seconds please please please please please pleasplease please please please please pleasplease please please please please pleas make more i really love ur music man i mean it maes me have an orgy of musical sensation if yknow what im saying? do you know the feeling????? do you? do you???? DO YOU??? ANSWER????
anyways for u n00bs out there its like sucking ur own dick on a unicorns ballsack its the best thing evar yknow what i mean
anyways thats about all i gave this amzing art piece of great god dang music 10/10 ad 0/5 blam dis shit!!!!!!!! nonononon jk 5/5 i love you have my babies please... but no taunting if it doesnt go in lolllooll call me lololololololol
so its great, i gave it good marks adn sheeit thorough review and shit, sorry for typos and rude or offensive language/ statements i made im high as shit, but all dis shit i say fo real from the heart fman...............

hey everybody

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